Saturday, December 20, 2008

Talk About How to Make Extra Money at Home

So you are contemplating a change in your life and wondering about learning how to make extra money at home, and wants to learn the pro's and con's before you jump in with both feet. That is a very good idea. It sucks when you come online, join a network marketing business opportunity, think your going to become filthy rich but don't have the foggiest idea of where to start. Let's see if you have what it takes to start find out how to make extra money at home.

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All the guru's say its easy, but when you're a newbie to a network marketing business opportunity, it can be a real struggle.

You must understand that there is a cost to doing business from home, just as there is in a brick and mortar business.

Here are some of the qualifying facts that you must have to succeed in a home based business venture.

1. You must have the ability to acquire the proper tools to get the job done. This means you have a good solid Internet connection. Your computer is ready to handle the load of downloading necessary programs and materials.

2. You must have a budget to follow which is a certain amount of allotted funds for building your business. This is important to establish when starting a home based business venture. There are many ways that you can spend your money when running a network marketing business opportunity. There is advertising and site promotion and software programs that save you time and give you knowledge.

3. You must have the time to build a business. When you find out how to make extra money at home you know the saying "Rome was not build in a day". Well that's true of a home based business venture as well. You have to make a schedule and follow it. You must work at it every day, because without proper labor and management your business will fail.

4 You must have the desire to keep learning. Things are always changing and advancing in the network marketing business opportunity, so you must be able to adapt well. I know people who have been marketing a business for over ten years and they say they still don't know all the marketing tips and strategies that are available.

5. You must have a good marketing system in order to become filthy rich in an network marketing business opportunity. One that is easy to learn and follow, teaches you about marketing and what works and what doesn't. It should also be duplicatable so you can teach the people that join your business.

6. You must have the desire to succeed against all odds. Your desire and goals must be strong enough to keep you motivated and working, because they are what drive you to succeed.

Welcome to the home based business industry if you have met the above criteria. It is a very exciting way to make extra money or become filthy rich and you meet people from all over the world or at least the places that your product is available in. It does or can give you time and financial freedom and create incredible wealth that you desire.

So there you have it. Don't think I've got fifty dollars, I'm going to go become filthy rich just by finding a how to make extra money at home opportunity. That just is not going to happen. You must be intelligent enough to know that it takes money to make money when you start your how to make extra money at home business.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Make Money From Home

Making money from home can be fun, exciting and rewarding. This article is a great read, and please enjoy. Take the time to look at a top work from home money maker:

Make Money From Home

An individual can choose to own a home business without much hassle. All a person needs is an internet connection and a personal computer. With these two simple items, the skies the limit for what could be accomplished. There are various reasons why an individual would choose to work from the comforts of their home. A person may have small children. They could be a full-time student. An individual may want to take vacations and time off during the days. With simple steps, a person could gain the freedom and independence to accomplish the goal of a better income and lifestyle. A person could earn more money with less work and spend the quality time with the family. Every person would rather be with their friends and family instead of work long hours. This could be achieved straightforward with a free website.

Affiliate marketing is on the rise for home business ideas. This is an excellent way to make money and still be able to do the fun things in life. Affiliate marketing is a method to link businesses together. One company has information pertaining to another. When a person clicks on this link, the business makes a small profit. This is a growing industry in online employment opportunities. Every person, regardless of their background could achieve this new career. The more traffic that is produced for the other company will generate a higher profitable income. This is a simple way to be able to make the income desired and still spend family time together. With a free website, an individual could begin this brand new career in no time.

An individual desires to make money without leaving their home. They could have different reasons for trying to accomplish this goal. Every basis is a good idea to start their home business. An individual would enjoy their new found freedom immensely. Through hard work and determination, these dreams could become a reality quickly. In as little as a couple of weeks, a person could be making money and a desired income without every returning to their old occupation. A free website, an internet connection and a personal computer is all any individual needs to get started immediately. Join the millions looking for a better future today!

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opportunities so you can work at home visit:

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Make Money From Home

Sunday, December 02, 2007

An Incredible Opportunity

You can let your pride get in the way of you becoming ultra-successful in a short period of time and simply say..."no Joel, I'm building this or that, and I know what I'm doing already"...or you can bite the bullet like I did and admit that it's important to have mentors that are more successful than you are.

Even today, I see a huge opportunity for my own personal growth with being mentored by the owners of Max GXL. Combined they're responsible for BILLIONS of dollars in sales. so it makes sense that not only partnering with them is smart, but also that they probably have a thing or two that they can teach me.

Coming in at the VERY BEGINNING of a Network Marketing company does not happen every day. We've got 18 months and counting down until the whole world finds out about Max GXL. You see if you wait 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months, the opportunity to make money will still be very good...however, you will have missed the opportunity to build a substantial income VERY FAST.

We are positioned, with Max GXL and my team's marketing skills and contacts, to create several people making in excess of $100,000 per month in the next 12 months. The question is: "Do you want to be one of those people?". And if you don't succeed? Well, the constellation prize in this case is a measly income of $50,000 per month, $20,000 per month, or even as low as $10,000 per month ...and that's for utter failure.

We are backed by Direct Response Marketing Giants like Steven K. Scott and Guthy Renker...enough said.

More Info On Steven K. Scott - Click Here
More Info On Guthy Renker - Click Here

You can do your own research on the principles of Max GXL and you'll find that these people are personally responsible for BILLIONS in sales worldwide.

Click the link below for more information!

Rod Larrivee
The Opportunity of MaxGxl

Monday, November 05, 2007

New Network Marketing Training Site

I have just stated working on a new Network Marketing Training Site. This site will cover what I believe are the 12 Steps to Internet Marketing Sccess. Check out the first 3 steps here:


Rod Larrivee

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Work at Home Income Opportunity

In this article we aim to understand the importance of work at home processes and the qualities and foresightedness to learn the same. It is always the aim of mature and grown up people in a family to ensure that their family can tide over any financial crisis that is going to come by enhancing their income opportunities. For that they require to posses two qualities, farsightedness-to be able to forecast any sort of financial crisis or income opportunities and must also possess the desire to work for gaining success in life.

Many a reasons are responsible for people to work at home. Perhaps everyone is tired of the nine-to-five business routine and the time - and money - spent commuting to and from the office. Perhaps they're stay-at home moms who want to supplement the family's income while still being available to the kids when they come home from school. Maybe they're retired, but are looking for some supplemental income-several handiworks like making woolen garments, embroidery etc. Also small items made from things that may be easily available near and around is a good option.

Of late, internet has become a major source of home income opportunities for inquisitive and inventive people like network marketing or multilevel marketing which involves direct sales of products. That means networking with friends and acquaintances and convincing them to join the business in order for us to sell our products. Since majority of the gatherings occur in the evening, those who want to work at home in order to spend more time with their families can work at cross purposes. Plus, to generate a significant income in direct sales, one not only have to sell product but also have to sell their opportunities. In other words, we have to sign up others to become direct sellers.

The Internet economy - gives those who want to work at home income opportunities that allow them to spend as much time on their computers as they wish and still generate revenue. Through Internet marketing and website promotion, people can earn a lump sum income very quickly. They can work at home, marketing and advertising their own websites to others, and collect revenue in the process.

For those who want to work at home in an Internet business, it's important to affiliate with reputable organizations. One should look for a proven track record, and be careful of those that require a significant investment in order to take advantage of the income opportunities. It's helpful to look at all of the business opportunities that are available and talk to others who have tried them. When he or she finds those that have provided a good return on the investment of time and money, and can verify the legitimacy of the same, a person's dreams of being able to work at home may very well become true.

Rod Larrivee
Best Home Based Business

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do You Have What It Takes To Start Your Internet Money Making Idea?

You have heard it said that there is wealth to be made on the Internet, and really, there are people who are creating a lot of wealth using their own internet money making idea. Yet did you also know that there are a lot of deceptions out there that will promise you the blue off the sky in return for some of your hard-earned cash? Similarly, do you have all the paraphernalia you need to do your work? Read on and find out if you have what it takes to work from home with an internet money making idea.

Have you done your research?

There are so many great appealing internet money making ideas out there that it may seem like an easy task to pick one or another. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scam artists out there who will want your wealth and will not be able to help you work from home after all. Do your research on any Internet online activity! For example, look to see if their site will tell you the facts of the internet business. If it is vague, or over promised you that all you need to do is get people to help you look at it, evaluate it, the odds are good that this is not a rewarding business. Similarly, if the entire website is nothing but a vast ad for the product the webmaster has to offer, you are not in reality going to start an online business, but meekly buy but the product. So do your research, and you will soon be able to weed out the good from the bad.

Do you have the equipment needed?

Lets say that your internet money making idea will be web promotion. Promoting a web site is not a very complicated feat, but it does need some expert software and sufficient resources to ensure that your computer will not slow down if you are submitting tons of links to search engines. Is your hardware is upgraded it may possibly handle this kind of business? Do you have the software you need to get start off? Before you start public relations your new work from home online business, make sure that you have all your ducks in a row, so that you will not have to turn away anyone's business!

Do you have a trustworthy Internet setup?

Granted, dial-up is more and more going by the wayside, but if you still do rely on a dial-up internet, you need to be realize with yourself and evaluate if you are truthfully able to rely on this service. Does it work quickly and efficiently, or does it take for ever to accomplish your project. Do you lose your internet connection often, or is it very solid? If you do not reason with this fact and possible make the necessary changes to a faster and more stable internet connection, you online business may fail.

Rod Larrivee

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Truth About the Online Business Opportunity

Whether your business activity is a work at home Internet professional or you employ several hundred in a city center tower you will nee an online presence to make it and you are going to have to come up with a good corporate name and a good domain name. Here are some succestions to avoid in naming your online business opportunity prior to set up your Internet site.

The first mistake many new work at home internet business owners make is to ask for too much input on Internet site and business name, from too many people. They tend to ask personal friends or family members what their new online business opportunity name ought to be, and what domain name it should have. The fact with this is that not all will actually comprehend the terminology and aspects of this business.

The subsequent rationale to avoid this consultative development is that you can only select for one name. This means that the more family you ask the more of them you are likely to dishearten and imaginably even insult.

It is far better idea to kick off the operational and other aspects of your online business opportunity by asking the view and occupational help of those few persons who have been chosen to have an intact management part of your venture and understand it.

You might pull together these individuals and have a brainstorming meeting which you all feed off each others notions. That way when the end results in a name each will feel like they have been a part of decision making process.

Another online business opportunity naming error is to tack and adjective organized with a noun to come up with one word former with a middle of the word upper case letter. If, for example, your work at online business opportunity was to offer sale of discount luggage you might be desirous to call it something like EconoPack.

It's bad for two ways. No one can look at that name and know what it is you are providing. Is it like a UPS store that handles shipping services? The other shortcoming is that the domain name may turn out to be or .net. Which, without a uppercase P is even confusing. Luggage for Less could be a much better name.

If you consider the new (in the last five years) online business opportunity start ups that have grown available to become common household names, you ll see that they all took zingy, snappy, sparkling names that separate themselves from others and were less likely to be duplicated. They didn't take monotonous names that could be forgotten or worse yet, confused with other companies. Yahoo is one example. It could have been World Wide Search Engine instead. Google is yet another. Monster is a huge example of a name that is not only memorable but suggestive of high volume, power, hardiness and vast influence. Monster could have been Online Job Resource. What a blah name that be could have been.

All these began as a online business opportunity project by unknown working industrialist. Their selection of corporate and web site domains paid a great part in their capability to brand themselves and thus to succeed.

Rod Larrivee

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why You Should Choose a MLM Working at Home Business Opportunity

MLM is a impressive online or offline concept for many reasons but the most obvious is for the type of income it can create the network marketer. It is so simple that many a wealthy fortune 500 company have used, some are still using, this professional model to build multi-million dollar kingdom and creating a MLM working at home business opportunity for many.

So why cannot the regular individual do the same?

The answer is simple. Regular individuals are now operating some vast MLM home businesses. Are you one of them? If not, now is an excellent time to get involved.Millionaires have taken notice of MLM as a working at home business opportunity that ordinary people can work into and build a prosperous business.

MLM is a huge, flourishing business in spite of all the pessimistic publicity it receives in the television from anti-MLM groups. Many wealth people express how MLM is a fantastic chance for anyone interested in building a MLM working at home business opportunity without having to start from scratch.

Can you use some further income?

Most people would almost certainly answer yes to this question. Everybody can use additional income every calendar month. But where is this additional income going to come from? One obvious answer ought to be is to get a second job. This option may seem to be the best solution but is exceedingly not. This is because the time you spend on your second job and the money you receive after taxes is not sufficient.

You will have to take into consideration your reasons for acquiring a second job and why you need the additional income to determine if getting a second job is truly the right way out for you.However, you can begin working on your own part-time MLM working at home business opportunity . You can get begin in MLM nearly nothing for costs. This is a big plus.

Lets look at how your can begin this MLM business we have be talking about.

Getting going in MLM has become so easy that somebody can get take off even if you do not have much money to begin with. The key here is to solely get going then never, never quit. Many reasonable MLM working at home business opportunities allow you get started for under $100. You can even find free opportunities with slight or no overhead expenses and with large support from extra partners as well as the parental company.

These companies will provide all the tools and methods for you. You just add your hard work, commitment, and obstinacy to the MLM working at home business opportunity. Remember to choose a company that has a proven track record and that offers consumable products or services with an outstanding compensation plan and support from upline and the company itself.

Another important key thing is your commitment to the company and its products and services. You need to be using these products and services yourself, and you need to like them, so you can properly promote them. If you do not, your people you introduce to this MLM business well soon see you as a fake.MLM is a intelligent business model for someone wishing to start their own home business. It cost next to nobody to get be on your way, you get a established routine like you had purchased a very expensive franchise, and you can be in profit in months in MLM as opposed to years in the franchise business.

Therefore, if you appeal for more income while still employed at a 9 to 5 job, or to build your retirement income, then you should seriously take a close look at a MLM working at home business opportunity.

Visit My Site for More Info

Rod Larrivee

Monday, May 28, 2007

The truth behind network marketing recruiting

Now is the new age of the internet, and it has revolutionizedthe way we all do business and the way network marketingrecruiting is being done. Many MLM distributors try to hypepeople into their business, but that tactic is slowly becomingobsolete as it no longer works. More Americans arebecoming accustomed to, and comfortable with, buying goodsonline. For you as a Network Marketer, the Internet has openedup new vistas for network marketing recruiting.
Trying to hype people into your MLM Company is no way to dobusiness. It is no longer about hype, it is about hope. Hope for a better future, hope for more money, hope for a betterlifestyle. In your network marketing recruiting practices, trya little hope, and leave out the hype. If you market hope, youwill see your recruiting explode. It is also time to explorethe world of online recruiting.

Online, you never have to worry about offending prospects, orbeing rejected, or wasting anyone’s time. In fact the prospectis coming to you, rather than you searching them. You becomethe hunted, rather than the hunter. With online recruiting,there is no need to bother friends and relatives, who try ever sopolitely to tell you they are not interested, rather you marketyour website, and the people that are visiting your site are really looking for an opportunity. Once they have made contact with you through your web site, now is the time to talk to them.

Online network marketing recruiting works the best, as the prospectyou are about to talk to has already expressed an interest inyour company while visiting your web site. Remember, your focuswhen you do talk to this person. must be about them, not you. Find out what they are interested in, their dreams, and goals,then you tell them you can help them achieve these. You needthem to sell themselves, not you selling them.

Selling hope, and not hype, using online recruiting methods andwhen you finally talk to the prospect, make that conversationabout them not you. These are three of the key points to properrecruiting. There are so many more keys to proper recruitingthat have not been talked about here, but these first three willget you succeeding. Remember, network marketing recruiting isactually a skill, and with proper determination, and practiceanyone can learn it.

Rod Larrivee is a successful internet marketer located inVancouver, Canada. Network marketing recruiting is hisspecialty and he work with many new network marketers helpingthem achieve financial freedom.

Visit his web site here:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Successful Internet Marketer Joins Perfect Wealth Formula

Reprint of Pre Release from PRWEB dated May 1, 2007

Rod Larrivee, a well-known successful network marketer who's helping out others create financial freedom with home-based businesses, started, offering a unique 3-step online wealth-generating mantra for all those who want to make money sitting in the comfort of their very own home - and make sacks of it. This one-of-its-kind money-spinning mantra is called the Perfect Wealth Formula - an affiliate program created by Jason Pearson that allows you to sell extraordinary, high-value digital info-products such as e-books and software on a website of your own, as well as provides step-by-step guidance on how to become a professional online marketer and generate multiple streams of income via the Internet.

Perfect Wealth Formula sells a product which includes a powerful marketing system designed to help anyone start with affiliate marketing along with residual paylines is what everyone has been waiting for and now it is

Where most marketers fail, “says Larrivee,” is that they have more money going out than coming in. When someone purchases the Perfect Wealth Formula from me, I teach them how to be in positive cash flow in 48 to 72 hours”

At , you become a part of the Perfect Wealth Formula marketing team comprising experts and successful members, a team that cares about your success and provides the right marketing tools to automate your marketing process and increase your daily sales.

What’s more impressive is the unique compensation plan the Perfect Wealth Formula System incorporates, that is revolutionizing the industry; the 2-Level Infinity Cash Compensation Plan. You will earn a $400 or $900 dollar commission starting with your first sale. But to top that off distributors earn a $100 or $200 override commission on every deal one of their personally sponsored members close. Many people are earning $400 to $2,000 daily.

Larrivee is an industry leader in the Direct Sales and MLM industry with multiple business spanning 5 countries, who provides success mentoring and coaching on building a home business, evaluating, compensation plans, lead generation and internet marketing. He feels Perfect Wealth Formula will be a great asset to his intent marketing.

Feel free to contact Rod at 206-973-7016.
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shaklee and the Oprah Show

My inbox has been inundated since the Oprah Show on friday, featuring my Primary Business, Shaklee and their Environment Friendly Cleaning Products. Here is a link to information on the show friday, if you did not see it.

Many of you wrote to get more information on the promotion being offered on the Oprah show. It is being made available till the end of the month.

Do you want more information, or to get involved? You can do one of three things -

#1 Call me for more information on how to get started. My phone number is 206-973-7016 and I'm located in Vancouver, Canada. Keep in mind my phone is very busy today and if I don't get your call ... leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can. Usually within the hour.

#2 Email me with your phone number and I'll call you, include the best time to call and your local time zone ok?

#3 Do nothing and watch while everyone else capitalizes on the fact that Oprah Winfrey uses Shaklee products.

Our main Shaklee site is if you want more information on the company and products.

There is a lot of information there and you can believe every single word of it. I have had the opportunity to meet and chat with Roger Barnett, the owner, and I can say he's a very genuine guy.

Contact me ... do what you can to become part of this extraordinary event.

I look forward to welcoming you all to our growing, successful team.

Have a great day!


Rod Larrivee

Vancouver, BC, Canada (Pacific Time)
Phone: 1-206-973-7016

Who is Rod Larrivee?

msn: (please. no email here)
skype: rodl13

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The GDI Growth Opportunity

GDI a.k.a. Global Domains International is truly a great online business opportunity. It operates worldwide, and the site is translatable into several different languages. See

IMAGINE THIS.... it is possible for you to make a fortune with this business using only word of mouth advertising.

Let's say you tell 20 people who trust your recommendations about the Pay It Forward 4 Profits (PIF4P) opportunity, of which GDI is a component.

Out of those 20 people, say just 8 people decide to sign up right away for free. And then decided to join you by activating just one of the three programs in Step One of PIF4P - let's say the least expensive one, GDI.

The cost is only $10/month. For that you get a domain name, a website, web hosting, and more! Not to mention, the huge opportunity to create a tremendous income.

With GDI , you make $1 for each person who enrolls below you and pays $10 a month, 5 levels deep. Let me show you just how quickly this can grow without any more effort from you.

You referred 8 people to your PIF4P site. Now, those 8 people are reading and acting on the same steps that you did.

Say each of those people tell 8 people about the PIF4P site, and 24 more people sign up right away for free. Now you have 24 more people in your GDI business.

Next, those 24 people each tell 20 people about their PIF4P site. Now, 192 of those 480 visitors sign up for GDI right away!

Then, those 192 people each tell 20 people about their PIF4P site. Now, 1,536 of those 3840 visitors sign up for GDI right away!

Next, those 1,536 of those people each tell 20 people about their PIF4P site.

Wow! Are you getting this? 12,288 of those 30,720 visitors sign up for GDI right away!Guess how much your monthly income would be, month after month after month from just that small original effort:12,288 customers X $1 = $12,288.00 A Month!...

RESIDUALS!$12,288.00 per month = $147,456.00 per year. Would that make a difference in your life?

And we never even considered the $5,000 GDI WEEKLY BONUS POOLS!... just so you know.

Signing up for GDI @ $10/month can change your life dramatically if you do just a little bit of work... wouldn't you say it is well worth it!

And, now, just a quick reminder about the Pay If Forward 4 Profits Oportunity at hand.... just waiting for you to experience a true work at home opportunity.

The market for the PIF4P site is MASSIVE ..... Sign up for FREE and experience it for yourself then tell everyone you know. You can do it in person.... with a personal letter.... with a phone call or an email.

It is important just to DO IT!Make your list! The money is in the list. You will hear this over and over.... the money is in the list!

If the people on your list don't find PIF4P through you, they may never find it and that could cause them to remain stuck in financial struggle, or worse, they could get taken advantage of by some other business opportunity they try that has no chance of working for them.

PIF4P is simply the best Internet business opportunity in the world and gives every day people a realistic chance to achieve their financial dreams. You will also get educated in the business world and help others not to mention have some fun. You are empowered to share this opportunity with everyone you know and doing so can make you incredibly wealthy!

To sign up for Global Domains International, click here.

To sign up for PIF4P: Pay It Forward.

DID YOU KNOW?: My sponsor and co-creator of the system are in my direct source of contact.

I am truly going places with this system and strongly encourage you to join me. All you need is a dream and a desire to make it come true. I will help you with the rest!

Michelle Lyons